Advanced strategies for turbocharging your instagram followers

Advanced tools now exist to help turbocharge your follower count and kickstart your Instagram growth, no matter your niche or business type. A common mistake brands make is failing to analyze competitors within their niche. To stand out in a sea of content, you need to find gaps not yet filled by others in your industry. Start by making a list of both direct and indirect competitors on Instagram. Look at the type of content resonating with their followers, their posting cadence, hashtag usage, and more. This competitor audit will reveal areas you can dominate by tailoring unique content.

Strategically use hashtags

Hashtags remain one of the best ways to reach new audiences organically on Instagram. Yet simply slapping on popular tags won’t lead to engagement. The key is to find the proven sweet spot of between 5 to 10 niche-related hashtags per post. Tools allow you to research the highest-performing tags related to your content that strike the perfect balance between discovery and relevance. Populating posts with these optimized tags will signal to Instagram’s algorithm you offer share-worthy content.

Cross-promote content

Driving followers from other platforms you actively use presents a major growth opportunity often overlooked. For example, utilize link-in-bio tools like Linktree to showcase your Instagram page to audiences on platforms. Inserting occasional IG highlights into video content, tweets, and blogs gets your brand name directly in front of qualified audiences already engaged with your work. This cross-pollination captures fans where they already spend time online, funneling engaged followers toward your Instagram waiting to be tapped into.

Run targeted paid ads

When used strategically, paid Instagram promotions rapidly accelerate follower count. Yet blasting irrelevant users with ads will only lead to low engagement and exorbitant ad spending. The trick lies in narrowing down your target audience and crafting compelling creative. Define your ideal customer location, age range, and interests then build video/image ads speaking directly to what they care about most. Advanced Facebook advertising tools allow unprecedented specificity when deploying Insta promotions.

Embrace instagram stories

Posting to your Instagram feed is just one piece of fully utilizing the app for growth. Your Stories remain visible for 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency for users to check them out. Find creative ways to tie together your main feed and Story content to boost overall impressions. Give exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at new product launches or repurpose Snippets of recent posts as a teaser. Polls, Questions, and location stickers further drive engagement through interactivity. The more users view, react to and share your daily or even hourly stories, the more the algorithm will show your profile and posts to new users. Setting up strategic story highlights as you accrue followers also allows newcomers an avenue into your previous ephemeral content even after it expires. Find out More about the author by buying Instagram followers.