Best Mobile Phones – The Oppo A15S

Equipped with high quality specifications and impressive features, the Oppo A15S is an ideal mobile phone solution that’s readily available at an entry-level price ofRs 13,989. The phone provides a flawless slip-free grip and is simple to carry, thanks to its compact size. However, many experts and mobile buffs have expressed their doubts about this mobile phone. If you are considering purchasing the Oppo A15S but are not sure whether it would suit your personality or lifestyle, here are a few pointers that can help you make the right decision.

The primary reason why the Oppo A15S has oppo a15s garnered a poor reception from the mobiles aficionados is because of the similarity it shares with the iPhone and the Galaxy S. Both phones are built on the Apple standard, and both boast similar features such as the slide-out keyboard, the pinch-to-zoom keyboard, the multi-gesture keypad, etc. However, the iPhone has a much bigger and more impressive set of technologies that helps it rule the hearts of the users. For example, the iPhone has only a single speaker, while the A handset has two speakers – one for music and the other for speaker phone purposes. And the biggest difference between the two is the size of the gadgets.

Both the A ups versions of the Oppo A15S run on the single core 1.5Ghz processor, which is a great improvement over the A10s which uses a dual core processor. The A ups version also comes with a large number of customizable user options including the themes, skins, and the software configurations. It can be customized in such a way so as to resemble any mobile device of your choice – from a smart phone to an iPod to a PDA. The A ups version also comes with a large number of customizable features like a handwriting recognition facility, a document manager, a file manager, and many more.

Camera: The camera of the Oppo A15S is a very impressive one. For example, it comes with a total internal memory of four gigabytes. The flash storage of this handset is also impressive, with a large amount of memory. The camera comes along with two cameras – one is called optical and another one is by means of an infrared camera. The optical camera allows you to take photos in an angle depending upon how the light falls on the lens. This enables you to take photographs of moving objects without using a flash.

Fingerprint Sensor: If you cannot seem to get the right look for your skin tone, then the Oppo A15S is the right choice for you. The front fingerprint sensor of this gadget allows you to use your finger as a cosmetic scanner for purposes of unlocking the door or the screen. The fingerprint sensor has an impressively long lifetime, thanks to the silicon material that it is made of. There is no question about the accuracy of this feature. You can unlock your phone with just a single finger.

Storage: The Oppo A15S is a wonderful device that comes loaded with a large amount of storage space. It has a spacious Internal memory, which is expandable to a further two gigabytes. The camera also comes with an external memory slot, which further increases the available space. There are some other neat features like a date function, a clock, a calculator and a compass, besides the usual phone features. With all these options in place, it can be said that the Oppo A15S is simply perfect for those who want to keep their mobile safe and protected at all times.