Characteristics of electric heater in electric heating industry

1. Electric heater can achieve uninterrupted transmission of internal high temperature voltage systems. Ensure that the internal high temperature voltage system inner electric heating equipment in the electric heater device utilizes electrical energy to obtain a higher temperature. Meet the high temperature heating requirements of the media during operation, making it the maximum role. 2, this device has a structural precision, lightweight, convenient installation process. When heating is heated, the surrounding environment does not cause wounded pollution, which can obtain a relatively high heating temperature and efficiency at a relatively low working pressure. 3, the intelligent standard is high. Those related technicians in China personal heater Electric heater network use advanced intelligent heating mode of operation, that is, by setting the original temperature in the working temperature in the gas electrical heater, in the experiment, this temperature control accuracy It can reach ± \u200b\u200b2 ° C ~ ± 0.2 ° C. 4, the internal high pressure system of such devices can provide a heater to the DCS system in operation, high temperature, fault, and stop, etc., or accept the automatic, stop operation, etc. of DCS. The slogan, and the electric heater system has added a reliable and secure monitoring device, but this electric heater price reference is relatively high.

5, the electrical equipment has a plurality of associated interfaces, which can be effectively monitored at any time to the thermal conductive oil pump, the temperature flow of the heat transfer oil, the pressure of the internal high temperature voltage. Thus, explosion-proof electric heaters are more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient.