Emoticons for the Facebook wall

There are two main ways people can keep up with their friends on Facebook. One is talking to friends online through the site’s chat interface. The other is to post messages on the Facebook wall, the most visible place for friends and followers on Facebook.

While you can use Facebook emoticons to enhance your chat experience, you can’t do the same for your wall posts. You can enter the heart symbol by typing> mysmiley 3 or call other characters by pressing the Alt number, but not the other emoticons. This inability to embed emoticons in wall posts is a limitation that many FB users want Facebook to fix soon, but that may not happen anytime soon. According to the company, embedding emoticons in wall posts compromises the user experience and makes the website cluttered.

For the many FB users who find emoticons vital for expressing thoughts and feelings online, this is a major drawback. Users disagree that Facebook wall emoticons damage the user experience. On the contrary, they will enrich the Facebook experience. To show their disagreement, several users created Facebook groups asking Facebook creators to add emoticons to their Facebook wall.

There is no need to wait for the Facebook team to change their mind. If you want free emoticons to use on your Facebook wall, you will get them. Here are three ways in which:

1. Import an external application to your Facebook account. The great thing about Facebook is that while it doesn’t have natively supported emoticons for the Facebook wall, it does allow for the import of emoticon apps. There are many websites that offer free Facebook emoticons.
Since most sites require you to download the emoticon app they offer, it is vital that you think well about your options. Make sure the app is safe to use and offers the greatest variety in terms of emoticon designs. Most online applications are available as Facebook or browser extensions and can be downloaded in seconds.