Headphone Terminology Terms You Should Know Before You Buy

Headphones have become very sophisticated over the years. Today, different models are designed to work best in different circumstances. In other words, you may be a person who travels a lot and would be more inclined to buy noise-canceling headphones than someone who spends most of their time listening to music or watching movies at home through their headphones.
So when you go shopping or upgrade to a better set of headphones, you will not only find a variety of styles, but you will also be faced black pod pro with a bevy of terms that are specific to the headphone industry. of the most common terms associated with headphones so you can better understand when selecting the best pair for your specific type of hearing.
Audiophiles, is a term that you will see quite often when shopping for higher quality headphones. The term itself is simply for the Greek words audio, which roughly means to listen or pay attention and philos, which roughly means to have to do some strange philosophy. Audiophiles are basically people who take the sound quality of the headphones they use very seriously.
The term noise cancellation when referring to headphones describes headphones that block unwanted outside noise through passive noise cancellation technology or active noise cancellation technology. The difference between passive and active is that with passive models the sound is blocked, so the headphones fit perfectly over the years and form an airtight seal.
Active noise cancellation requires a power supply that enables small microphones built into the headphones themselves. They are usually powered by a small battery unit that connects to the headphone cable. The microphones pick up the surrounding outside noise and reproduce the sound in the headphones at an anti-phase frequency, thus canceling the outside noise in your ears.
Active Noise Cancellation lets you suppress outside noise without dramatically increasing the volume of the audio you are listening to. This in turn is much healthier for your ears!

Circumaural headphones are the type of headphones that are considered standard headphones that cover the ears. Basically, these are headphones that have the original design that completely surround the ear to keep the audio in and much of the output noise. On-ear headphones are placed on the ear rather than covering it completely. Despite the fact that the headphones are very light, they filter much of the audio that you are listening to and are subject to more urban noise due to outside noise.
Open earphones do not have solid backs on the earbuds. They filter much of the audio from the headphones and also allow surrounding sounds to be integrated into the headphones. This provides a more natural speaker like listening effect.