Warning signs of infertility that should not be ignored

Over the prevalent decade, infertility has also become the most common Health problem among men and women. Infertility is defined customarily as an inability for conceiving after one year of daily unprotected intercourse. Various factors contribute to infertility, like stress, late childbearing, and unhealthy lifestyles, among others. Early indications of infertility revolve around the nature of menstruation & sexual intercourse.

Irregular periods

Also, this irregular period is referred to as one’s which come early, are also missed or stay longer than eight days. This specific condition accounts for thirty to forty per cent of cases leading to infertility. S delayed cycles also can affect egg formation, known as anovulation. When anovulation can also be treated with the drugs, observing the menstrual cycle of one person and consulting the gynaecologist to ignore further complications is most imperative. Polycystic ovary syndrome, the hormonal imbalance, is the main reason for irregular periods, the cysts on the ovaries & infertility. This infertility is also associated with this can be treated. Lack of female hormones, known as hypogonadism, also can be the reason for amenorrhea.

Painful period

A painful period also could serve as an indicator of reproductive health conditions. The prostaglandins are the chemicals discovered in tissues in the human body, including the uterus, which causes cramps. When a normal functioning of these prostaglandins, which causes more painful cramps, do not affect fertility, the cramps worsened by another abnormality can also cause infertility. These specific infertilities affect fertility and also can be recognised by the combined sym5oms of painful cramps, pale or dark menstrual blood and pain during intercourse, at the recognition of which one also should immediately consult the actual needed. Research shows that 40 per cent of men have male infertility, so you do not need to be worried about this; you can easily overcome this with proper treatment.

Change of the colour of the menstrual blood

This also can mean various things during multiple phases of the specific period cycle. This is normal for this to be in the shades of pink, red and brown; what shade is also released while this is essential to assess. Sometimes a change of colour can indicate progesterone hormone deficiency & endometriosis.

Painful intercourse

Painful intercourse also should not be avoided as this can be the sign of the underlying condition such as endometriosis or any other pelvic pathology reasoning infertility.

If you face the symptoms mentioned above, you should visit medical experts for infertility treatment.


Fertility is something people actually cannot consider until they are trying actively to begin the family, or in maximum cases, after having trouble conceiving. The maximum does not realise tha5bthe couples ages 29 to 33 with normal functioning reproductive systems only have a 20 to 25 per cent chance of conceiving on any month. Add in any number of the infertility factors, either the gender & those chances can reduce this significantly.