Websites that make money: how to get them for free

With the economic crisis that everyone has been experiencing, who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? Thanks to the Internet, many can earn extra money or even enough money to live. Where do we get websites that make money for free?
There are at least two ways to do it:

1) Go to or and sign up for a free site. You don’t even have to buy a domain name here because a subdomain will be given to you. Choose your blog name and you can set up your own site in 15 minutes. There are widgets Lifestyle that you can add that can turn your site into potential money makers. Please make a note of the word potential because we will discuss that point shortly.
2) Find great products on affiliate networks. Sign up and find great sales pages with good design and copyright. Well-designed (not cluttered or over-fonted) websites with well-written sales pitches (not over the top and fluffy) can be good income-generating websites.
Once you have the potential money-making websites, you need to know how to get them to actually print money for you.
Earning money online is easy if you know how to do it. Having a website is only half the business of making money. It won’t earn you income if you don’t know how to make it produce cash for you. Your income is only as good as how well you know how to operate your money printing machine.
You must know how to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you have a website that talks about arts and crafts, you want people who share the same hobbies or passions to visit your site. If you are promoting weight loss products, you want people who want to lose weight to find your site.
Many pay for advertising to generate traffic on their websites. You can generate traffic for free. It is not about banner exchanges or other traffic generators that attract people who do not match the profile that will turn your potential income into reality.
Buying free websites is the easy part. Turning them into money generators can be baffling unless you have a proven pattern to follow. If you know how, you can turn those free sites into profitable websites and earn passive monthly income.